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domingo, 17 de julho de 2022

Frappe Charts - JavaScript


Frappe Charts / Biblioteca JavaScript

If you’re a keen developer, then you’ll probably feel familiar with the way that Frappe Charts look and feel. That’s because the charts designs are inspired by charts you find on GitHub. You will recognize the heatmap straight away if you’ve been making plenty of commits lately.
Notable Feature List

  • Rapid export an SVG capability which is basically an instant export to image (SVG) file.
  • Annotations
  • GitHub theme inspired which is extremely clean
  • Beautiful animations during chart updates
  • Mixed chart capability
  • Epic looking tooltips when using multi/mixed charts
  • Fully responsive
  • Zero dependencies
Licensing - Frappe Charts are completely open-sourced and released under the MIT license. This gives the rights for both personal project and commercial project use alike.
Links - Frappe Charts is hosted on various CDN networks as listed below
GitHub Repo

Billboard.js - JavaScript


Billboard.js / Biblioteca JavaScript

In what feels like a very minimalist library, billboard.js comes with a good set of charts for data visualization. It’s based on D3 version 4 and has similarities to c3.js charts. Billboard has a stacked list of charts to use and a huge load of configurable assets such as the legend, axis, and tooltips.

Notable Feature List

  • Vast customization allowing you to get the exact visualization for the job at hand
  • Completely responsive
  • Tooltips and dual chart linked tooltips
  • Manual Zoom, drag zoom, and sub-charts with viewfinder zoom
  • Easily added labeled Y lines which are great for added analysis
  • Gradient chart area fills
Licensing - Another project that has been released under the MIT license. Billboard.js is therefore freely available to use in your own personal and commercial projects. Considering how many features this library offers, it’s hard to believe it’s free to use!
Links - Billboard.js is hosted on various CDN networks as listed below
GitHub Repo

ApexCharts.js - JavaScript


ApexCharts.js / Biblioteca JavaScript

ApexChart.js comes with a variety of elegant features to bring beautiful data analysis to your web pages. On paper, this library ticks nearly all the boxes you would usually want it for. With annotation capability which is relatively rare in free-to-use packages. Responsiveness and animations and to top all that off, it looks pretty great too.

Notable Feature List

  • Beautiful visual annotations
  • Completely responsive
  • Flexible interactivity including pan, scroll, zoom in and out.
  • Tooltips
  • Vast user documentation
  • Preset color themes you can easily switch between
  • Lot’s of demos and source code to get your hands on
  • Offers paid upgrades to include some of FusionChart’s add-on packages.
  • Works flawlessly with vanilla JS, VueJS, React, and Angular, documentation included.
Licensing - ApexChart.js is released under the MIT license and therefore is freely available to use in your own personal and commercial projects. Considering how many features this library offers, it’s hard to believe it’s free to use!
Links - 

ApexCharts is hosted on various CDN networks as listed below

GitHub Repo

ChartJS - JavaScript


ChartJS / Biblioteca JavaScript

Next at number four is another one of my personal favorites. If you want a chart visualization library that always looks great, then this is the one. Somehow, the creator of ChartJS got the default colors absolutely perfect and they go so well within any website. It’s again another library that doesn’t have a massive selection of charts but does it very well with the ones it does offer.

Notable Feature List

  • Very easy to work with without the knowledge of JSON markup.
  • Mixed chart types, build bars and lines onto the same visualization.
  • Beautiful animations
  • Tooltips
  • Renderable on all major browsers including IE11+
  • Completely responsive
  • Thorough user documentation and sample base
  • Includes one of the only free-to-use radar charts that actually works correctly and visualizes data properly.
Licensing - ChartJS is released under the MIT license and therefore is freely available to use in your own personal and commercial projects. It
Links - 

ChartJS is hosted on various CDN networks as listed below

GitHub Repo

Vis.js - JavaScript


Vis.js / Biblioteca JavaScript

Vis.js is a very versatile parent library of other sub-libraries including networking, timeline, 2d, and 3d visualization capabilities. This library offers 3d charts which are pretty rare amongst most charting libraries which definitely gives it an edge.

Notable Feature List

  • 3D Charts
  • 2D Charts
  • Multi-chart capability
  • Optional tooltips
  • 3D interactivity on relevant charts
  • Chart playgrounds demonstrating many of its features
  • Flawless animations
Vis.js has some stunning visualizations in both 2d and 3d forms but of course, all will serve specific purposes. Personally, I’ve never come across the need to use 3d charts but if your working in some type of scientific data analysis background, I could imagine it would be useful.
Licensing - The Viz.js library is dual-licensed under both Apache 2.0 and MIT licenses. Both of these licenses enable usage, modification, and distribution by both personal and commercial parties.
Links - 

VizJS can be delivered directly to your own project by the following CDN networks

GitHub Repo

Dygraphs - JavaScript


Dygraphs / Biblioteca JavaScript

Dygraphs is probably one of the fastest rendering charts I have come across, especially when the data set is vast. This library can handle data sets going into the tens of thousands and still deliver a great user experience.

Notable Feature List

  • Can handle huge data sets and is superior in this department when compared to other libraries
  • Cross chart synchronization
  • Annotations, and highly customizable annotations at that
  • Range/Viewfinder
  • Very simple to get develop with
  • Perfect for real-time data visualization
  • Extremely fast data point feedback with off-chart data display
  • Zoom in and out functionality
  • Plenty of examples with links to JSFiddles
  • Easy to work with data, simple arrays, or load from text or CSV files
The one drawback to all this glory is that it’s completely based on line graphs. No bars, pies, or anything that you would usually see in a JavaScript charting library. Not to worry though, it’s still an epic package, and here’s why.
Licensing - 

Dygraphs is licensed under the MIT License which offers usage, modification, and distribution by both personal and commercial parties.

NVD3.JS - JavaScript


NVD3.JS / Biblioteca JavaScript

First and foremost is a library I’ve used frequently in industry and it never fails to please. NVD3 is a library that sits on top of the d3.js JavaScript library utilizing many of the usual traits.
The library doesn’t have every single chart imaginable but has all the most popular core ones. For example, scatter, bar, line. The rendered charts have a very easy-on-the-eye style with pastel-like colours that go well with any dashboard.

Notable Feature List

  • Completely responsive
  • User-friendly tooltips
  • Customizable tooltips
  • Easy to work with JSON
  • Series turn on / turn off
  • Legends
  • Dual-axis capability
  • Quick and easy to download and use
  • Plenty of examples
  • Live chart playground
Licensing - NVD3 is released and licensed with the Apache 2.0 license meaning it’s completely free to use for both personal and commercial practices.
Links - NVD3 is hosted on various CDN networks as listed below
GitHub Repo

sábado, 16 de julho de 2022

Windows 11 em Dell

 Quando o Microsoft Windows 11 foi lançado, as atualização automáticas do Microsoft Windows 10 deu como resultado do diagnóstico automático de hardware que o Windows 11 não podia ser instalado no meu notebook Dell Inspiron com processador Intel de 7a. geração. E durante vários meses eu tentei instalar o Windows 11 no notebook Dell e sempre aparecia a tela dizendo que não pode instalar.

Em Julho/2022 eu li um artigo na internet falando que o UEFI tem que estar ativo funcionando para o Windows 11 poder ser instalado; então eu olhei o setup do meu notebook Dell, no item em segurança eu vi que o UEFI aparecia como desligado, então eu desativei o item Legacy, e ativei o UEFI, e gravei a alteração do Setup do notebook Dell.

Então eu peguei um disco rígido USB de 1TB e fiz o backup 100% de todos os arquivos que eu utilizo, que estavam dentro do disco rígido 1tb do meu notebook Dell. Como o disco rígido do notebook Dell não é SSD, esse backup demorou uma semana para concluir.

Depois do backup USB pronto, eu copiei o Windows 11 para dentro de um pendrive USB 8gb, e mandei o Windows 11 começar a instalação, como eu gosto de fazer instalação limpa, mandei o Windows 11 excluir a partição do disco rígido, depois mandei o Windows 11 criar uma partição nova no disco rígido, e depois mandei o Windows 11 formatar o disco rígido, e assim começou a instalação do Windows 11.

Depois disso, eu notei que fazer a instalação do Windows 11 utilizando a rede wireless é muito lerdo, iria demorar muitas horas para a instalação concluir, então para o download e instalação ficar rápido, eu liguei direto um cabo ethernet do meu roteador wireless até o notebook Dell.

Em Julho/2022 eu consegui fazer a instalação do Windows 11 Home Single Language funcionar em um notebook Dell com processador Intel de 7a geração. Eu estou gostando muito de usar o windows 11.

sábado, 11 de junho de 2022

TPM no Windows 11

TPM (Trusted Platform Module) = é um padrão internacional para processamento seguro, ele é um controlador que protege o hardware de seu computador com uma chave criptográfica única integrada ao mesmo. A versão mais recente do TPM é 2.0 

O TPM tem ainda uma ampla gama de funções como chave de segurança de hardware, identificação de dispositivos, autenticação criptográfica e verificação de integridade; o TPM faz 2 coisas principais:

1 - Cálculo de chaves criptográficas: a geração ou verificação de senhas no computador usando criptografia incorporado. Essas senhas podem ser travas de criptografia para discos rígidos, códigos de recursos usados por sistemas operacionais para verificar sua integridade.

2 - Armazenamento de chaves criptográficas: O TPM também é uma unidade de armazenamento de criptografia no computador, que não só calcula a chave criptográfica. 

O TPM verifica a integridade do sistema quando o Windows fosse inicializado, para funções de segurança.

segunda-feira, 4 de abril de 2022

Best Javascript Chart Libraries for 2021

 Best Javascript Chart Libraries for 2021 - Summary

There are clearly many very versatile and feature-packed libraries available to use on the web. I will continue to add to this list as I discover newly released libraries or even hidden gems.

I would love to hear which is your favorite, and it doesn’t have to be on this list either. Send me in the direction of some great libraries and I could well list them on here too.