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domingo, 17 de julho de 2022

ToastUI - JavaScript


ToastUI / Biblioteca JavaScript

ToastUI is a very visual, modernized library that not only offers pretty much all the common charts but looks brilliant too. Each chart has the capability to be exported in a variety of ways including .xls (data), .jpg (image). This of course is very handy for the end-user, especially the ability to export the data behind the chart for further analysis.

Notable Feature List

  • Multi export functionality which includes .xls, .csv, .jpg and .png
  • Completely responsive for the modern web
  • Nice animations during real-time data updates
  • Beautiful animations during chart updates
  • Deselectable/selectable data series
  • Zero dependencies
Licensing - ToastUI has been released under the MIT license. This gives the rights for both personal project and commercial project use alike.
Links - ToastUI is hosted on various CDN networks as listed below
GitHub Repo

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