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domingo, 17 de julho de 2022

NVD3.JS - JavaScript


NVD3.JS / Biblioteca JavaScript

First and foremost is a library I’ve used frequently in industry and it never fails to please. NVD3 is a library that sits on top of the d3.js JavaScript library utilizing many of the usual traits.
The library doesn’t have every single chart imaginable but has all the most popular core ones. For example, scatter, bar, line. The rendered charts have a very easy-on-the-eye style with pastel-like colours that go well with any dashboard.

Notable Feature List

  • Completely responsive
  • User-friendly tooltips
  • Customizable tooltips
  • Easy to work with JSON
  • Series turn on / turn off
  • Legends
  • Dual-axis capability
  • Quick and easy to download and use
  • Plenty of examples
  • Live chart playground
Licensing - NVD3 is released and licensed with the Apache 2.0 license meaning it’s completely free to use for both personal and commercial practices.
Links - NVD3 is hosted on various CDN networks as listed below
GitHub Repo

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