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domingo, 17 de julho de 2022

Google Charts - JavaScript


Google Charts / Biblioteca JavaScript

Google charts is a very long-standing charting package that pretty much has it all. With an excellent documentation base and examples to support. Google Charts have an almost semi-modern style with the instant visual realization that it’s a Google brand, especially by the default color scheme.

Notable Feature List

  • A massive feature of this package is that it’s completely free for commercial use, which is pretty awesome considering the size of the brand
  • Extremely detailed documentation base with many examples to learn from
  • Tooltips
  • Annotations
  • All charts are zoomable
  • Some of the best visual chart gauges on the web (In my opinion)

GoogleCharts is completely free to use across the board giving personal and commercial the rights to use it.

CDN Links

Google Charts has its own hosted content delivery network links which can be found using the following link

GitHub Repo

Not applicable


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