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domingo, 17 de julho de 2022

Frappe Charts - JavaScript


Frappe Charts / Biblioteca JavaScript

If you’re a keen developer, then you’ll probably feel familiar with the way that Frappe Charts look and feel. That’s because the charts designs are inspired by charts you find on GitHub. You will recognize the heatmap straight away if you’ve been making plenty of commits lately.
Notable Feature List

  • Rapid export an SVG capability which is basically an instant export to image (SVG) file.
  • Annotations
  • GitHub theme inspired which is extremely clean
  • Beautiful animations during chart updates
  • Mixed chart capability
  • Epic looking tooltips when using multi/mixed charts
  • Fully responsive
  • Zero dependencies
Licensing - Frappe Charts are completely open-sourced and released under the MIT license. This gives the rights for both personal project and commercial project use alike.
Links - Frappe Charts is hosted on various CDN networks as listed below
GitHub Repo

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