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domingo, 17 de julho de 2022

Dygraphs - JavaScript


Dygraphs / Biblioteca JavaScript

Dygraphs is probably one of the fastest rendering charts I have come across, especially when the data set is vast. This library can handle data sets going into the tens of thousands and still deliver a great user experience.

Notable Feature List

  • Can handle huge data sets and is superior in this department when compared to other libraries
  • Cross chart synchronization
  • Annotations, and highly customizable annotations at that
  • Range/Viewfinder
  • Very simple to get develop with
  • Perfect for real-time data visualization
  • Extremely fast data point feedback with off-chart data display
  • Zoom in and out functionality
  • Plenty of examples with links to JSFiddles
  • Easy to work with data, simple arrays, or load from text or CSV files
The one drawback to all this glory is that it’s completely based on line graphs. No bars, pies, or anything that you would usually see in a JavaScript charting library. Not to worry though, it’s still an epic package, and here’s why.
Licensing - 

Dygraphs is licensed under the MIT License which offers usage, modification, and distribution by both personal and commercial parties.

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