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domingo, 17 de julho de 2022

ChartJS - JavaScript


ChartJS / Biblioteca JavaScript

Next at number four is another one of my personal favorites. If you want a chart visualization library that always looks great, then this is the one. Somehow, the creator of ChartJS got the default colors absolutely perfect and they go so well within any website. It’s again another library that doesn’t have a massive selection of charts but does it very well with the ones it does offer.

Notable Feature List

  • Very easy to work with without the knowledge of JSON markup.
  • Mixed chart types, build bars and lines onto the same visualization.
  • Beautiful animations
  • Tooltips
  • Renderable on all major browsers including IE11+
  • Completely responsive
  • Thorough user documentation and sample base
  • Includes one of the only free-to-use radar charts that actually works correctly and visualizes data properly.
Licensing - ChartJS is released under the MIT license and therefore is freely available to use in your own personal and commercial projects. It
Links - 

ChartJS is hosted on various CDN networks as listed below

GitHub Repo

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