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quarta-feira, 27 de julho de 2022

Michael Porter - Estratégia Competitiva


Qual a teoria de Michael Porter?  Estratégia Competitiva.  

As 5 forças de Porter são: 

1) ameaça de produtos substitutos; 
2) ameaça de entrada de novos concorrentes; 
3) poder de negociação dos clientes; 
4) poder de negociação dos fornecedores  
5) rivalidade entre os concorrentes. 
São os pilares de uma empresa, e se algum mudar, deve-se reavaliar seu posicionamento estratégico

Do seu trabalho resultaram conceitos de estratégia que marcaram a disciplina como a análise de indústrias em torno de cinco forças competitivas; e as duas fontes genéricas de vantagem competitiva: diferenciação e baixo custo

segunda-feira, 18 de julho de 2022

domingo, 17 de julho de 2022

Zing Chart - JavaScript

 Zing Chart / Biblioteca JavaScript

Add a little zing to your analytical apps with Zing Chart a freemium charting library that has plenty of great features and lots of chart types. ZingChart offers a modern, highly visual set of charts with features including horizontal style tooltips which to be fair are pretty unique and work very well. It also comes with pan and zoom interactivity straight out the box.

Notable Feature List

  • Zoom, Pan, Select interactivity
  • 2d & 3d charts
  • Unique ‘Crosshair’ tooltips
  • Drill down capability out of the box
  • On-chart image rendering

ZingChart has a freemium licensing model; This means that you can use it for both personal and commercial purposes as long as you show the small attribution link (this can be seen in the demo above). Alternatively, you can buy a full license which starts from as little as $99 per year.

CDN Links

ZingChart provides a content delivery network to use the JavaScript library which can be found on the following link.

GitHub Repo

Muze.JS - JavaScript


Muze.JS / Biblioteca JavaScript

If you’ve ever used Tableau data analytical software before, then this charting library will feel familiar. MuzeJS offers Tableau style charts in a package ready for the web. With a large array of chart types to choose from, this completely free-to-use package is a great contender in the data visualization world.

Notable Feature List

  • In-built cross-filter helper
  • Lasoo selection tool
  • Zoom and pan
  • Drill down functionality
  • Big data capability, after rendering, interactivity is second to none
  • Powered by Web Assembly

From what I can interpret on the MuzeJS website, is that the license is a custom one. Although having said this, it still gives full flexibility between the usage of personal and commercial projects alike.

CDN Links
GitHub Repo

AnyChart - JavaScript


AnyChart / Biblioteca JavaScript

Say hello to AnyChart, a very popular charting library among the commercial world with customers using it such as Bosch, Ford, Nokia, and many more. Boasting 70+ chart types this library has everything you could possibly need in terms of charting visualization. Offers huge customization to enable the most beautiful dashboard designs.

Notable Feature List

  • Both 2d and 3d charts available
  • Beautiful default styles, tooltips, and animations
  • Load data from CSV and even export data to CSV & Excel
  • Fully responsive
  • Ready for essentially any platform
  • Pareto charts
  • Also offers additional ‘AnyMaps’ ‘AnyStocks’ ‘AnyGant’ packages
  • Prepared for ‘Big Data’ with the ability to render seamlessly
  • On canvas drawing tools, the ability to complete add your own info points/annotations
  • Export rendered charts as an SVG, PNG, JPG, or PDF
  • 70+ Chart types to choose from

AnyCharts offers a range of licensing which are mainly catered for commercial usage. Although having said this, they do provide a custom free license for non-profit and educational use. Commercial licenses start from as little as $49 which is pretty amazing with the size of the package you get.

CDN Links

AnyCharts have their own content delivery network which can be found with the following link

GitHub Repo

Smoothie Charts - JavaScript


Smoothie Charts / Biblioteca JavaScript

Smoothie Charts is another very unique, one-purpose charting library. Bringing excellently animated line charts to the table for fast updated data. The library is perfect for manufacturing PLC data or as demonstrated in the examples a CPU monitor. Animations are flawlessly smooth and you wouldn’t expect anything less considering the name.

Notable Feature List

  • Superior smooth chart updates
  • Geared towards fast-updating data or ‘Streaming data’
  • Very easy to set up
  • Fully responsive
  • Colour customization
  • Line & multi-line capability
  • Chart configuration builder that outputs code snippets ready to go

Smoothie Charts has been released under the MIT license and so is free to use for both personal and commercial projects.

CDN Links
GitHub Repo

Google Charts - JavaScript


Google Charts / Biblioteca JavaScript

Google charts is a very long-standing charting package that pretty much has it all. With an excellent documentation base and examples to support. Google Charts have an almost semi-modern style with the instant visual realization that it’s a Google brand, especially by the default color scheme.

Notable Feature List

  • A massive feature of this package is that it’s completely free for commercial use, which is pretty awesome considering the size of the brand
  • Extremely detailed documentation base with many examples to learn from
  • Tooltips
  • Annotations
  • All charts are zoomable
  • Some of the best visual chart gauges on the web (In my opinion)

GoogleCharts is completely free to use across the board giving personal and commercial the rights to use it.

CDN Links

Google Charts has its own hosted content delivery network links which can be found using the following link

GitHub Repo

Not applicable


C3.js - JavaScript


C3.js / Biblioteca JavaScript

C3.js deserves its place in this list of the best JS libraries available in 2021. The library has been around a long time, is super-clean, customizable to suit many needs, and has a good range of charts to work with. Built upon the renowned D3.js charting engine, C3.js offers a maintained, up-to-date visualization experience that is perfect for most use-cases.

Notable Feature List

  • ‘Zoomable’ sub-charts
  • Appealing animations
  • Highly customizable
  • Tooltips
  • Excellent documentation with code examples and demonstrations

C3.js is an open-source library free to use for both personal and commercial projects alike. C3.js is released under the MIT license.

CDN Links

AmCharts is hosted on various CDN networks and has its own CDN source links too.

GitHub Repo